Luke Gorrie (lukego) wrote,
Luke Gorrie

http-twiddle.el, or, SLIME for HTTP

The year is 2007. Java and SOAP applications have taken over the internet. The default response to any HTTP request is "500 Internal server error." You, the fearless programmer, must devise a way to trick each server into not crashing on your requests, without the benefit of error messages, logs, or standard-compliance. XML whitespace tweaking? Tag reordering? MIME header reformatting? ROT13 encoding? Nobody hears your screams.

Your only chance is a powerful new weapon: http-twiddle.el.

Tags: emacs, general, hacking, lisp
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Yai, no more struggling with wget -S! Neat and sweet, thanks!


May 24 2007, 17:04:10 UTC 12 years ago

extremely cool!

i assume someone will expand this to add convienient helpers for all these http headers and whatnot.

This rocks, dude.
This is exactly the package I need right here and now. In as much, you have saved the day! w00t

Thanks a ton

I'm lovin' http-twiddle.el and I just wrote up enough elisp to get Digest authorization to work. It may not be perfect code but it does work for me right now.

Should I turn it over to you? Or what?

You could just post it here..
I'm not currently maintaining http-twiddle (nor, come to think of it, any other programs). If you make improvements please post them to gnu.emacs.sources!

This is only because I'm far away from web-hacking lately.
Quick note for everyone: I'm now maintaining http-twiddle. The master repository is at

/Hasan Veldstra <first name at 12monkeys co uk>