Luke Gorrie (lukego) wrote,
Luke Gorrie

ZSLUG #1: Zurich's new Lisp & Stuff User Group

Title:Zurich Lisp & Stuff User Group (ZSLUG) rebirth!
Date:Monday February 7th, 2011
Time:7pm onwards
Venue:Office of Teclo Networks AG, Alfred-Escher-Strasse 27, 8002 Zurich.
Map:Google Map
Directions:Train to Enge and then walk one block.
Speaker #1:Hans Hübner on Creating computers from (almost) scratch using FPGAs, VHDL and Forth.
Speaker #2:To be announced.
Then:Wander off for food drink and conversation somewhere nearby.

Interested in Lisp and Zurich? You're in luck! The first meeting of the reborn Zurich Lisp & Stuff User Group (ZSLUG) is just for you. Luke Gorrie and Ties Stuij have taken it upon ourselves to revive this meeting as part of our broad new effort to put Zurich onto the Euro-Lisp map.

ZSLUG is above all else a Common Lisp meeting. We're aiming for a 50/50 mixture of Common Lisp with other delicacies such as Smalltalk, Forth, Erlang, VHDL, R, Scheme, and anything else that's likely to delight the Lisper palate.

We're excited to already have confirmed prominent Common Lisp hacker Hans Hübner as speaker, and we expect to announce a second speaker before the meeting. Follow us on @zlisp if you want to keep up-to-the-minute!

Everybody is welcome at ZSLUG. The meeting will be very informal and you can be as social as you want to be. The default language is English and no registration is required, but a tweet to @zlisp to let us know you're coming would be greatly appreciated!

Historical Note: ZSLUG is our rebirth of the Zurich Scheme & Lisp User Group created by Jose A. Ortega Ruiz who has since moved on from Zurich. We switched from Scheme to Stuff -- sorry, we're not Schemers!

Tags: lisp, zslug

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